Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just trust us...

NOTE: I did NOT write this post. It was written by Tim Bayly, my dear Pastor at Church of the Good Shepherd. I'm just spreading the word and giving it a hearty "Amen!".

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Just trust us...
(Tim) For several weeks, now, the news has been filled with articles reassuring Americans that government medicine is inevitable and poses no danger to us. They tell us government medicine will not fund abortions except in the most extraordinary cases where any reasonable man would agree the baby must die. It will not require the wholesale slaughter of the old and feeble--what we are taught to refer to as "euthanasia." After all, termination counseling isn't mandatory; it's simply an option offered those who may find it helpful.
A front page article in the Indy Star yesterday (picked up from the LA Times, by the way) blamed Rush Limbaugh for all the fear. "Nothing bad will happen," the civil authority tells us. "Just trust us."
Trust you?
You have got to be kidding! Trust you? You can't be serious!
Look at your track record. Your government education is so bad you'd sooner die than enroll your own children in the public schools serving your neighborhood there at the White House. And this is equally true of Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama.
Trust you?

Your Great Society poverty programs have put our great, great grandchildren in hock up to their eyeballs, and now you're fixing your greedy eyes on our great, great, great and great, great, great, great grandchildren.
Trust you?
Acknowledging them to be a huge stupidity, you've pulled down your federal housing projects and dispersed their occupants in smaller concentrations out in the suburbs. But then, you've had the audacity to take credit for the subsequent decline of urban crime rates, knowing full well crime rates in the suburbs have risen in direct proportion to urban crime rates falling.
You used the home mortgage industry to accomplish political ends and bankrupted it.
You designed our Social Security ship and baby-boomers will now sink it.
You forced our armed forces to allow women to step into harm's way, so now we've had pictures of twisted American sisters engaging in sadomasochistic torture of Muslim men spread everywhere, further endearing us to our Islamic neighbors and, as they see it, teaching them the true nature of Christian faith.
You have vowed to uphold our Constitution, then turned around and refused to protect the freedoms that Constitution guarantees.
Yet you make a big show of defending freedom; after all, freedom's your thing!
Look and see what you mean by freedom, though, and it's clearly only the freedom to hate, oppress, and murder. It's the freedom of sodomites to spread death and prey on little boys. It's the freedom of lesbians to adopt children so they can raise them in fatherless homes. It's the freedom of parents who hate their children (refusing to discipline them) to remove discipline from their neighbors' homes, every school, and every public place. It's the freedom of pornographers to enslave women and children to sexual perversions that make the Hindu temple prostitution of Amy Carmichael's day look like child's play. It's the freedom of doctors and fathers and mothers to slaughter unborn babies in numbers that make the combined totals of Mao, Stalin, Hitler, and Pol Pot pale by comparison--somewhere between 50 and 75,000,000, year after bloody year.
And you, civil magistrate, ask us to trust you? You, Submergent shills, tell us to put our hope in President Barack Obama?
Well, speaking of trust, maybe we can meet halfway? I'll trust President Obama and our millions of civil magistrates to do every evil thing and to protect every perversion and oppression known to man. That's the trust I'll give you.
And, civil magistrrate, I will also submit to you--but only in matters not requiring my own, my family's, or my congregation's rebellion against the Only True God. But as I submit to you, I'll preach that God is using you to bring His judgment on these United States of America.
The Old Testament prophets tell us that is His habit.
As in every age, the world today is separated into two groups: those who love our Creator and those who hate Him; those who serve the Only True God and those who serve Satan; those who hope in the civil authority and those who hope in the Lord.
The false shepherds of the Submergent Church don't recognize their idolatry and think those opposing Hillary Clinton's "village" and President Obama's "hope" are simply jaundiced, incapable of stepping out of their curmudgeonly take on Christian faith long enough to see all the positive things our civil magistrate can do for us. The list is endless, you know--from ending the war in Iraq to slowing down baby-slaughter to taking back the national dialog from partisan hostility to ending global warming to solving our national health care crisis. "When you realize the power of citizens united for the common good," they tell us, "you realize there's almost no problem government can't solve."
Well, usually I don't bother writing about such damnable foolishness, here, because I've found pomo Submergent types don't like to dialogue. But in case any of them pass by or one of us is able to get one of them to listen to someone other than himself, l must point out our nation was founded on the principle of personal accountability to the Holy God. Not one of our founding fathers was deluded enough to think our civil compact could survive the death of the fear of God among those holding public office, let alone among Reformed Presbyterian pastors.
Government health care will slaughter our parents and grandparents just as our Supreme Court has slaughtered our children. And you, dear brother and sister in Christ, will not just pay for it through your taxes.
You will do it. Your own voice will nod the assent and your own hand will give the pill and pull the plug.
This is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, God have mercy.

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